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10 Fold Return: The Story

A Musical Journey

The vision of 10-Fold Return is to be different than other cover bands around the Des Moines metro area, but isn’t that cliché – with most bands saying that?

As Terry Gholson (bass and vocals) and Bill Ritzman (keyboards) talked about vision, two major themes began to appear:

1) We didn’t want to play a lot of the same songs that other bands were playing

2) For the songs that we did cover, we wanted to either find different arrangements by other artists that were a little heavier/edgier or make them a little different ourselves.

 With Terry singing male leads, we decided we would be much more versatile adding a female singer, and we were fortunate enough to catch the attention of Rachel Digmann. She simply nails the arrangements and the challenges that we throw at her. We now need a drummer that had the chops and stamina to continually push the band – and we are delighted that Luc DuBay has stepped into that role. Finally we needed a guitarist that brings us all together, welcome Bill (Jerry) Brown. You will hear a variety of music from the 80’s to the present that have head-rushing guitar solos, catchy beats/musical themes, and some surprise blasts-from-the-past. We’re really excited to bring a rock and roll show full of fun, dancing and great music.

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